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The journey started with the aim of creating a versatile drop-in sports app but took an unexpected turn when after a few user interviews I unearthed a significant issue within the golfing realm: the outdated and cumbersome process of booking tee times. Through engaging with several golfers, I discovered their frustrations with limited availability and opaque booking systems. This revelation led me to refocus my efforts on crafting a solution exclusively for golfers, a decision met with enthusiasm from all interviewees. This shift promises to transform the golfing experience, catering to a passionate and ever-growing market.

The Problem

Golfers are frustrated with antiquated tee time booking systems

Golfers, both seasoned enthusiasts and casual players alike, often encounter a multitude of obstacles when attempting to book tee times. These hurdles range from limited availability during peak hours to the inconvenience of having to make phone calls during specified operating hours and competing against bots online. Moreover, the antiquated systems still used by many golf courses exacerbate the issue, leading to frustrations, and dissatisfaction among players.

My Approach

I used these 5 methods to achieve my goals for the project

I utilized these five methods to achieve my project objectives.












Research for my golf app included thorough user interviews and a detailed competitive analysis.

Competitive Analysis

User Interviews

I conducted interviews with seven users and gathered insightful and candid research findings from each participant. It became evident early on that the research was uncovering a distinct set of challenges and issues within the golfing community.

7 interviewees

Ages 26 - 48

3 women 4 men

1 on 1

Zoom Meetings

20-30 minutes

Affinity Map

Creating an affinity map was essential for the development of this project. I gathered valuable insights from all seven participants, revealing several key themes.

  1. Understand User Needs: Identify the primary pain points and desires of golfers when booking tee times and using golf course services.

  2. Evaluate Existing Systems: Analyze current tee time booking systems and user experiences to highlight areas for improvement.

  3. Identify Key Features: Determine the most sought-after features that enhance the golfing experience.

  4. User Behavior Insights: Study how golfers interact with mobile apps and digital platforms in their daily routines.

  5. Design Preferences: Gather user preferences on design aesthetics, interface usability, and navigation.

Research Objectives

Core findings/Themes observed:

  • Users were very frustrated with booking systems, the use of bots to hoard tee times or having to call in to book.

  • Users grew tired of bad cancellation policies.

  • Users desire updated features such as chat functionality and a rewards system.

  • The ability to receive notifications /get pinged within the app.

  • Social connectivity , real-time weather updates.

I wanted to compare some other golf apps out there, and these three apps provide a variety of features and access to numerous courses, but none offer all the desirable features in one place. GolfNow, the most popular and widely recognized app in the global golfing community, stands out. Chronogolf, with 3 million users, offers better coverage for Canadian golfers and courses. Fade, the newest of the three is based in Sweden and supports 30 countries. Although it has some catching up to do to reach the level of GolfNow and Chronogolf, Fade boasts an excellent UI and modern design.


I created a storyboard that depicts the frustration golfers face with outdated booking systems, particularly when trying to book tee times. As the storyboard unfolds, it showcases the significant improvement introduced by the new app, effectively resolving this longstanding issue.


Developing a well-defined Features Matrix Chart was essential, as it helped prioritize and identify the key features to include in the project.

User & Task Flows


I wanted to make sure the app's sitemap would provide clear navigation, easy access to key features like tee time booking, course information, user profiles, and and social connectivity.

I developed three user flows tailored to the needs and behaviours of my personas, aligning closely with the insights uncovered during research.

My personas, Ron and Joe, share the goal of maximizing their golfing experiences, yet each faces unique challenges that hinder their ability to enjoy their favourite sport to the fullest. These challenges, or pain points and their needs shape their individual journeys toward achieving their golfing aspirations.

Feature Matrix

User flow 1: Book a tee time -Perhaps the most important flow

User flow 3: On-Course ordering -The app will feature ordering food drinks or supplies right to your location on the course

User flow 3: Create an account - I wanted the onboarding process to be simple and straightforward



I was excited to sketch the blueprint for a golf app designed to simplify tee time booking and improve key features for golf enthusiasts. As I started to outline its look and feel, I pictured an easy-to-use interface that would make it simpler and more enjoyable for golfers to find course information, track scores, and connect with friends.

Digital Wireframes

Sketches/Lo-Fi Wireframes

The sketches laid the foundation for creating digital wireframes that vividly brought the concept to life, capturing essential features and functionalities based on user feedback.

Hi-Res Mockups

The goal was to achieve a modern, clean, and overall cool aesthetic, which I believe I successfully accomplished.


I made several changes that improved the overall design.

  • New upgraded logo

  • New Book/Order bottom nav label

  • New welcome screen from multi-color gradient to solid more subtle green aesthetic

  • Added photos to the on-course ordering page

  • Rounded corners of the images for a more consistent softer feel

  • Changed the gradient to a solid colors scheme

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Reflection/ Key Takeaways

What I learned

Future Goals

Possibly expanding the app's features to encompass additional aspects of the golfing experience such as tracking scores, and providing tips and tutorials.

Continuous updates and improvements based on user feedback and incorporate any technological advancements would be crucial to staying competitive and meeting the evolving needs of golf enthusiasts.

While developing the Fairway to Heaven app, I honed some valuable technical skills for building an end-to-end application. I also gained insights from users about their frustrations with traditional golf courses and their tee time booking systems, which were previously unknown to me. This project also deepened my grasp of user-centred design, highlighting the importance of empathy in creating effective digital solutions.

Reflection/ Key Takeaways

The goals for this project were:

  • Identify the pain points surrounding the golf booking experience by streamlining tee time booking: Developing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of booking tee times, reducing frustration and saving time for golfers.

  • Attract more golfers to book tee times through the app.

  • This new app can forge partnerships with golf courses to feature them on the platform. By providing golf courses with a platform to reach a wider audience and manage bookings more efficiently thus adding to their business goals

Intuitive design with a fun and modern UI aesthetic.

Book tee times in just a few clicks, hassle-free.

  • In-App Payments: Secure and convenient payment options for bookings and purchases.

  • Event Scheduling: Booking for tournaments, events, and group outings.

  • Customizable Settings: Personalization options for user preferences and profiles

  • Real-Time Notifications: Alerts for tee time confirmations, weather changes, and updates

  • Interactive Elements: Touch-enabled features like drag-and-drop tee time booking.

The Solution

Fast onboarding - get started and start booking in no time.

On-Course ordering of food & drinks & an assortment of supplies

  • Order food/drinks/snacks delivered to the hole you are at.

  • Order golf supplies like golf balls, gloves, towels etc.

  • in just a few clicks your order completed.

  • Book tee times hassle-free

  • Chat with your golfing buddies using our chat feature

  • Search the extensive library of golf courses

  • Order whatever you need right to the hole your are at

Introducing Fairway 2 Heaven aka F2H, the all-in-one golf app streamlining tee time bookings for enthusiasts, ensuring hassle-free access to premier courses with just a tap



Usability Testing


Key Takeaways:

  • Usability testing yielded positive feedback on the app's concept, aesthetics, and user flow.

  • Users expressed high satisfaction despite minor issues, mainly related to connectivity and navigation clarity.

  • Valuable suggestions were received for refining the final design, indicating overall success and potential for widespread adoption among golf enthusiasts.

Notable Quotes:

  • "Was quick and made sense...what a cool feature!"

  • "I really liked this concept! Such a good idea for golfers to get things on demand while on the course.

  • "Love the look and the design of the app. It's pretty, clean, and easy to look at".

Suggestions for chnges:

  • Users suggested changes such as implementing a separate button or label for ordering instead of 'Book'.

  • Ensuring the Gleneagles thumbnail leads directly to booking options.E

  • Enabling auto-booking based on entered tee times, course, and f

  • Addressing small visual issues related to scrolling images.

Number of Participants: 8

Tool : Lyssna